Fights like this are why I play Eve

December 22, 2009

Good fights in Eve are hard to come by. Most fights are lop-sided at best, that’s just Eve – not a complaint at all, simply a fact. ‘Better to blob than be blobbed’ is a common refrain. But sometimes things come together to get a real, evenly-matched brawl, and there’s nothing like it. The buildup of intel. The rush of adrenaline on landing and seeing the overview fill up with reds. The chaos of target calling. The cold spike of fear when you’re primaried. The relief when your logistics pull you up out of hull. The giddiness of victory. No other game comes close imo. Great fights like this are the reason I play eve.

We formed up a decent sized roaming fleet this Sunday with high hopes and were not disappointed. Nearly two straight hours of back and forth fighting in and around Amamake. PVP heaven, and a great way to head off for the holiday.

Round 1
We started the day moving out with roughly a dozen BCs, 2 guardians and a few heavy tacklers for support. I was FCing and piloting one of the guardians. We didn’t have to go far to find targets. Scouts spot a Minnie FW gang of about 20 or so, mixed, cruiser heavy that passed through Amamake ahead of us. Time to bait in top belt. The Minnies take the bait, with us warping our gang in at about the same time as them. They outnumber us slightly but we’re quite a bit heavier, so, understandably they bug out. We manage to grab a couple, give half-hearted chase to Auga, but they’re moving fast.

Round 2
A few minutes later as we’re finishing looting and about to head out, an Amarr FW gang is spotted in Auga – fifteen or so with a few BS and a variety of BC/cruiser and tacklers. We warp to Auga to engage, unfortunately getting split on either side of the gate as it appeared that we would need to jump to them for a fight. Battle is joined in earnest on the Amamake side when the Auga FW gang jumps through and another half dozen or so Amarr land at range, including 5 (presumably) snipe fit zealots. Go time!!

Primaries are called, things start going boom. We start working on their BCs with the most gank/tank, they do the same. We trade 3-4 losses each, our logistics are starting to turn the tide and tank their damage, when in jumps the Minmatar FW gang, having shipped up to BCs and up. They start shooting us too, turning the whole thing into a nasty menage, with us getting f-ed in the middle. Call is made to de-aggress and gtfo. We warp off or jump as necessary, Minnies pew the Amarr, hold the field, and set to looting. At this point I have learned a valuable lesson – I’m trying to do way too much – maybe a more experienced FC could simultaneously fly a logistics, call targets, and run a cov ops scout on a second client, but my sub-par talents are not up to the task; and it hurt our performance with slow target calls and slow reps. I hand target calling off, we re-ship to RR BS and get ready to go again!

Round 3
Fifteen minutes later, Minnies are still looting, we’ve re-formed and warp onto them from both sides of the gate (half our fleet was still in Auga having jumped through). We catch what we can, they bail, we pick through the rest and reset in Amamake for a few minutes. Quick bios, rep overheated guns, get sorted. As we undock to head out, de ja vu…Amarr gang cited in Auga, inbound. At this point we’ve got roughly 15 total, with ~10 RR BS, and they’re 30+ with roughly 12 or so BS (six gd tankaddons), another 8 or so BC and various support / tackle. Everyone aligns Auga, fleet warps to gate, landing as they jump in. Time for an ol’ fashioned brawl!!!!

/calderus rex does his happy pew pew dance

Primaries are called, starting with lesser tanked BS and ewar – we knew their Abaddons would be very heavy on tank, so mostly left these to last. Overheat everything, guns blasting, drones swarming like angry bees, FC furiously calling targets and everyone watching broadcasts. We’re burning through their BS and tanking ok even though they’re jamming and neuting our logies, and primarying our BS with less tank. We lose a rokh (if you bring a shield ship to an RR fight, you’re instant primary), a domi that I believe got bumped away from the BS cluster, and couple of our tacklers, but they’re losing more. Their DPS starts dropping and we manage to pull a phoon out of deep structure, turning the tide. They’re switching primaries, but we’re able to keep up when the Minnies again jump in. However, this time its just a few skirmishers and we’re in full blood lust mode and don’t really notice – just more targets on grid. As our tank holds, they start to bug out, we spread points, and mop up the rest. Finally tally for round three was 7BS, 8BC, and a few support killed to 2 BS and 2 support lost.

We hold the field, looting everything we can. Frankly, we’re not paying very close attention, and, as we warp off one of our BS gets tackled. Our mods are burnt and we’re low on ammo and 800s, but our FC says hold, warp back to gate and save the gang mate. Unfortunately some people have already docked, others re-align and start to warp…right as our tackled BS says ‘o sht, there’s a Minnie gang here…whoah, 7 typhoons, and a bunch more.’ Derp. Order to break warp is given, but a few ships are already in warp, including both of our logies. We’re scattered and unorganized, so FC makes the call to stay out rather than trickle in one at a time; net result is in the process of de-engaging we lose three more ships (plus the initial tackled BS). Doh!

Our killboard for the fight is a mess because of the long running engagement, the various 3-way action causing people to appear on both sides, and us changing from BCs to BS, listing many of our pilots two (or more) times. Overall tally on our KB was 2.8B in damage done, with .6B received; 48-9 k-d; however, there are a few losses from our side on other corps boards and I suspect there are a few more kill mails floating out there as well.

Regardless, epic fights, great fun, much love to our FW opponents for one of the best days of pew pew I’ve had in Eve. Fights like this are the reason I play this game so I’m always very appreciative of opponents that will bring it. GFs to all involved!!

Merry Christmas to everyone. I’ll be largely out of game over the holiday and am working on a couple of more general posts. Specifically one on advanced combat probing as well as one to explain what my goals are writing this blog. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Sometimes camping can get you gfs

December 11, 2009

Fun little camp last night in Amamake that even resulted in a nice fight. Now, I’m not really a big camper. Frankly, I find it boring. Pwning noobs and the unsuspecting with rrbs overkill just doesn’t entertain me for long periods. Taken too far I think it dulls real PVP skills – the kind you only build hunting and fighting people who plan to fight back. But some people like it, goofin on comms can be fun, and sometimes you can even get a good fight out of it.

So we formed up for some random camping, not really much of a plan. Lot of traffic coming through Osoggur gate. We’ve got a properly setup camping gang – HIC, arazu, rapier, dual logies and maybe ten-ish rrbs. Kill a bunch of nubbins, lols, fun. Everyone’s getting a little bored and loose, scouting is getting lax, we’re about to pack it up soon. I’m flying a guardian and I was asked to change my fit to be dual cap trans in case of fights, which forced me to remove my whoring lazor, so couldn’t even whore on the kills. Meh.

Suddenly in warps 4 Megas and a Domi – interesting. FC calls primary, but I’m literally thinking to myself ‘no big deal, they’re just gonna jump through’. Gate activates, in jumps seven more. Looks like it on!!

Primaries are called, RR in place for both sides – pure slug fest. Our Guardians overload reps, but they manage to DPS through it and take down two of ours. I’m actually wondering if people were caught off-guard and our RRBS pilots didn’t get reps onto broadcasts fast enough. Meanwhile we’ve primaried and are chewing up their Megas – very little tops the face-melting dps of a Megathron at 0. Their lack of logies starts to show, as finally our reps catch up to their damage. Once we kill 3 megas, we’ve taken enough of their DPS off the field that we can just about tank the rest – we manage to save our third BS on the edge of hull. FC continues calling primaries, burning through most of the rest of their BS, then the call comes to spread points – they’re bugging out. End result, we lose 2 battleships and kill 7 BS and 3 BC. Killboard is a bit funky b/c of the camping kills mixed in.

Great Fight to Important Internet Spaceships; hats off for having the balls to bring the fight even outnumbered. We were quite surprised they didn’t primary our logistics first. Had they done so we almost certainly would have lost more ships. Because they didn’t, they hit an absolute wall on their third primary, one of our other geddons. I’m sure glad they didn’t though, as that would have cost me my guardian.

Also, interesting read on DUST514. Love the description of EVE:

“Eve is the MMO with the best stories – the MMO rife with tales of complex backstabbing and glittering amorality, where players form corporations rather than guilds and move about the terrain as spaceships rather than pixies. It’s unashamedly grown-up in its depiction of a sharp-edged universe in which a very human kind of malevolence lurks in the next star cluster, and it’s unashamedly different, too: a long-view game where the outcomes of a smart plan may unfold in months rather than minutes, and which, with its fanatical players and evershifting alliances, seems unbothered by the ticking clock which lures many of its competitors into constant talk of sequels.”

Worth a read.

Fly wreckless!!

First Day Roaming Fun

December 9, 2009

Monday night saw some good fun fights around our new home. Started out playing in Amamake in frigates, just three of us. Actually was two frigs and a thrasher. No organization, just fun. Before long we were joined by a few corp mates just bringing whatever they felt like, so we ended up about a half dozen frigs and destroyers backed up by two falcons, lol. Falcon backed frigs is, admittedly, a bit lame. We didn’t exactly plan it though, just a bit of play. Grab a few kills, have some laughs, and decide to move on.

We’re moving on when word comes of a bait domi sitting in top belt. I never met bait I didn’t want to take, so we re-ship into BS – overkill for one domi, but we assume he’s got friends – it is Amamake after all. So we send in an onyx for tackle, point on domi, jump the gang in. Right as our gang goes into warp, local spikes, predictably, and a phoon lands on the domi. We only have the onyx + about 4bs, iirc. We see at least 5 or 6 more BS and a falcon in-bound, on top of the domi and phoon already there. Being a little skittish in the new area, the call is made to get out since we’re not sure how large the gang may be in total (amamake is a bit crowded). Upon landing we align and head out, all ships escaping except for me unfortunately. Unfortunately they spot met trying to burn away (in a slow as molasses abaddon, lol) and manage to catch up with a web before I can get to speed. Pop. Turns out the domi may not have been with the inbound gang, as they popped him too – would have been an interesting three-way. This is what happens when you take obvious bait in unfamiliar territory. Oh well. I look forward to our next run-in with The Defiant boys.

So we (I) re-ship, re-group and try to get a fight out of them in Amamake, but they take off once their GCC is up. We decide to head out in our RR BS gang, pick up a couple of logies for rep, leaving our gang at roughly 8x BS, 2x Logies, and a CS I think, with a hic tackler; I think we had a scimi tackler too, but he gtfo before the fight below, so, not really relevant. We don’t have to go far before we find more fun. We spot what looks like the tail end of an Amarr FW gang, at least 2x Guardians and 2x Geddons in Auga. Catch one Geddon in Auga and our Oineros is able to jump through into Kourm and catch the other Geddon. This is where things get very interesting. So, what looks to us to be the rest of the Geddon’s gang lands on us in Auga. We’ve popped the Geddon and are de-aggressing to jump, with our Oneiros on the other side. The gang that lands on us in Auga is roughly 2x Maelstrom, 2x Phoons, Pest, Scorpion, Vulture, Scimitar plus roughly a half dozen or so cruisers and tackle – and local is continuing to climb, lol. In hindsight, turns out this gang is Minni militia, chasing the Amarr, but we did not know that at the time. They eye-ball us, but we’re de-agressing, so we all jump through to join our lone logi in Kourm. Everyone jumps and a nice old fashioned brawl ensues. Woohoo!! This is why I play this game.

However, right from the bat, disaster strikes for us. Our second logi DC’s on jump in – leaving the first logi aggressed, unsupported, and getting gate gunned to shit. And its a huge stinkin minmatar regional gate. Not good for an RR BS gang, lol. Everyone piles on the Amarr geddon, and then our first logi dies in short order – gate guns did nearly half the work on him. We’re absurdly spread out, trying to re-group so RR can help, but that’s a losing battle. Meanwhile, Minni scimi burns to range, a falcon de-cloaks, and a Hyperion, Domi, and another Geddon have joined them. We’re outnumbered, out-ewared, lost our logies (one down, one jumped) and spread out – in short, we’re screwed. Nothing left to do but call primaries and kill everything we can. We proceed to trade BS, roughly equally until we’re down to just 3 remaining and our DPS is shite b/c the falcon and scimi are nullifying two – so we de-aggro and jump. End tally of the fight (on our KB) was 6 killed, 6 lost, roughly similar isk – and one helluva good time.

If the logi doesn’t DC I think that fight goes differently, as the logi pair would have given us time to get our RR in place, but meh, this stuff happens. Huge props to minnie militia for bringing a great fight. We are adjusting our tactics (huge gates suck balls – very different from black rise) and can’t wait for the next round.

We head home, re-ship, try to catch them looting but move too slow. Oh well – we still have a full gang and everybody is pumped after a great fight, so we head out on a rather long roam, ending up heading all the way to BWF and LXQ, but not getting any more good fights. Just a bunch of ganks on the way – final tally I think was three ruptures, vaga, damnation, brutix, manticore, vexor, and four whored macro-haulers. Overall very fun night; I think I made the wall of shame when I learned that Arnher != Anher, especially when you’re flashy. In my defense it was past one in the morning and martini rex was in full effect – police pretty much gave me a FUI.

Once again, GFs to everyone around Amamake, especially the Minnies. Looking forward to more fun!!

Changing Corps

December 8, 2009

The time has come for me to change corporations. My time with Beyond Divinity has been a blast. I’ve learned a lot flying with some of the finest pilots in EVE and wish them all the best.

The highlight of my time in BYDI was, without a doubt, Alliance Tournament 7. BYDI created an alliance, Beyond Virginity, just to enter the tournament. Our little corp of <100 pilots against all the big bad alliances in game, lol. Thanks to a lot of hard work, planning, leadership, and practice we took third place – pretty darn good for first timers. I had only recently joined the corp at the time so could offer little beyond moral support, but was very proud of my corp mates. I don't know what was better, listening to the announcers giggle every time they had to say 'Beyond Virginity' or laughing at the people who thought we had no chance because we're not a 0.0 alliance. Guys, small gang pvp is all we do, every day. And we do it flashy, so anyone can shoot us and gate guns are a constant issue. Are we the best? Of course not, but on an even playing field we will hold our own against anyone.

My reasons for leaving are fairly simple. Unfortunately there has been quite a bit of corp drama lately, which I will not get into here as it has little to do with me directly. The result, though, is a considerable number of pilots opted to leave the corp – including the vast majority of the US tz pilots. Since I primarily fly late US tz, this leaves the corp practically deserted during my time online, plus these are the guys I fly with every day and I'm sad to see them go, so, I've decided to follow them in forming a new corp, Final Agony.

Much ❤ for the BYDI peeps, I have no doubt you guys will carry on kicking ass. I look forward to flying with you, or against you, in the future – imho, the only thing more fun than flying with friends is shooting them. 😀

But, on to new things – F1NAL has setup shot in Bosboger for the time being. Personally, I’ve spent most of my time in EVE in the Black Rise area or in 0.0, so the Minmatar space is pretty new to me. Spent the last 36 hours moving from Maila down to my new home (130+ jumps with my freighter alt lol). Finally got out for some pew last night, and now I see why people love the Amamake area. I will cover the fights in another post later, but 23 kills in a night is a good start – and I missed the first half the night and spent part of my time in a guardian (my buddy Grom pulled 39 yesterday, meh, whore :)).

Gotta love ransoms

December 5, 2009

Quiet friday night. Not much going on. Went on a small roam, either ran into far too much for our 5 BS to handle or far too little and they ran away. No good fights, just a thorax gank that I couldn’t even lock before he was one volleyed, lol.

So I’m chilling in Maila, running logistics on alts, talking a bit with friends. I decide to undock my crusader to put some bookmarks together in Maila and surrounding systems. Ooooo, hulk on scan. 5 degrees, top belt – yum. Point and pew, when he convoes me asking how much not to kill him? Now, I’m kindof thinking I want the KM just for the laughs – probably not a good idea to mine in a system infested with pirates. So I figure, hulks go for like 90M or so, why not go for broke…’200m’ I tell him. I figure there’s no way he pays me that much, so I put him into structure just to make it clear he doesn’t have long, when my wallet flashes…lol, 200M donation, just for me. Pleasure doing business with you draukaa, I’d suggest mining somewhere a little safer. However, it does make me wonder what was actually on that ship worth more than 200M lol. Oh well, we always, 100% honor all paid ransoms, so I let him go and smile, thinking how that 200M will buy me a new curse to replace the one I lost a few days ago!

Or, maybe I buy a crusader on steroids…the new Imperial Navy Slicer is a mean little frigate. With scorch it does 130+ dps from 20km+, moving at 4100 m/s or more (depending on rigs, etc). I fly my crusaders fitted for range – so I can put a point on something and do decent dps for a frig from ~13-14km. The problem is overheated webs can slow me down enough to be scrammed, caught, and killed. The new Slicer solves that problem easily, operating comfortably at 20km or more. Might have to pick one of those up – saw one kill a sabre the other day. Just one of the awesome new faction ships.

Another fun fight in EOA

December 3, 2009

Another fun fight last night in EOA. Coming back from a short 0.0 roam – couldn’t find any gangs, but ganked a cyno-falcon, vaga, and vexor. But on our exit gate we find a medium sized camp. They’re a bit too heavy for us to fight straight up as they have 3 BS, 5 BC and some support, vs our 3 BC, hac, and some ewar, so we try to bait and split them.

No luck on that, until an onyx chases one of our cane’s to a 150 off the gate. Cane warps and onyx decides to slow-boat back…purrrfect. We setup a warp in, when he hits 100 from the gate we go – ganked onyx. Manticore gets too close, trying to help – no more manticore. Unfortunately I am trying to do way too many things at once and screw the pooch on my warp in, warping to gate – its bad when your FC can’t follow his own orders. 😦 Jump out, burn back, jump back in. Its a huge regional gate, and I appear in a good position to just burn away toward our gang. So, I go – get primaried by their gang, apoc is hitting me hard. I think I’ve reached a safe range, they’re getting through my shield, so warp to a planet – second mistake, failing to turn off mwd first. Slow alignment (mwd pwns agility) allows a thorax I didn’t notice was chasing me (third mistake) to get a scram on me right before I warp, and I pop before I can get him off me. Looking at the kb, reveals 4th mistake – if I’d just range disrupted the apoc I’d have been fine, as he was doing all the damage. Meh, live and learn. Mates pop the thorax – so trade is onyx, manti, thorax for curse. Not too bad, but many mistakes on my part cost me my ship.

Not being satisfied though, we burn home, re-ship to get heavy enough to take them on, and come back. Camp is mostly still there, two of their BS have left but they’ve picked up some more mixed. Oh well, screw bait, let’s go. We jump in en masse, primary the scorp, who melts in seconds (honor tank ftw) and then the 2x brutix. After that, their dps is minimal, we spread points and keep working through primaries, taking any opportunity to pew ewar and bombers as they appear (expensive and fragile) and kill what we can before they run / de-aggress and jump. Net result: scorpion, brutix, brutix, cyclone, arazu, drake, drake, hound, hyena down with none lost. I think they had a hic and possibly another drake that manage to de-aggress and jump as well. They primaried our raven – the right call on their part with a damnation on the field – but the combination of us melting their dps quickly, the huge regional gate (lazor boats >> blaster boats on regional gates) and their lack of tackle allowed our raven to escape in structure – nice piloting Trouser.

Was a very fun couple of fights. Props to the Ihatalo guys and their friends for sticking around. So nice to be fighting people who want to pvp, not just run away like Faction War blobs.

I love this dominion thing. I’m sure its a giant pain in the ass for the 0.0 guys who’ve had their world’s turned upside down. But the re-invigoration of 0.0 and the influx of new residents is wonderful – cause I get to shoot them :D. Stuff like these freighter convoy ganks are pure win.

Dominion Hath Arrived

December 2, 2009

This is my first post, and my first blog ever, so bear with me while I get the hang of this. Before we get to the formalities – what this blog is about, etc – let’s cut to the chase. PVP in EVE is unlike any pvp experience in any other game. I follow the eve blogosphere a bit and wish more people wrote about it. So, I figured I’d take a stab myself.

Dominion – CCP’s latest free update to the EVE universe – launched today. Very smooth. The new planetary graphics are absolutely stunning. I spent the first half hour in game just warping to planets, soaking in the new graphics. But, pew calls.

Dominion’s explicit, stated goal is to re-write the 0.0 landscape, specifically to allow more players, corps, and smaller alliances to viably move to 0.0. Whether this will be achieved is tbd. Personally, I hope and believe CCP will nail it, if not on the first try, then on the 1.1th try. New alliances = new players in 0.0 = new people to shoot. \o/

So…grab a small gang and head out to explore the 0.0 space near our new home, Maila, to see what changes Dominion hath already wrought. Our gang composition is Hurricane, Curse, Falcon, Rifter – a nice eclectic, unfocused whatever comes along kindof mix. We head out, drop a bubble just to see what we catch and chill. First we notice a territorial claim marker onlining in a nearby system – interesting – owned by an alliance I’ve never seen, no one in local. Well, we do what we do – we shoot it to see if it blends. Unfortunately it doesn’t.

But we hang for a while, and eventually we find a few peeps, members of various alliances, mostly cloakies coming through – stealth bomber fotm, mostly, with some cloaky haulers – very cagey. After 30 mins or so, yay, +1 neut, myrmidon on scan, landing – yum. Unfortunately I, in the curse was exploring two jumps away, so I high tail back, knowing the neuts will be helpful for breaking a properly fitted myrm. Myrm pointed, local spikes, lulz, obvious bait is obvious. Our exceedingly capable Cane pilot burns away and the BC gang backing up the bait Myrm lands without targets to pew. They are 7+ BC heavy and Tackle / eWar light – new alliance, just entering 0.0 – too large for us to fight straight up, but perfect to mess with – maybe we can split and harass. Unfortunately they’re not taking our bait much, and eventually move on.

BC gang leaves, new drake on scan – different alliance – woot. Drake lands on gate, jumps, point, pew. Nice bump later, drake going down – second drake lands on grid, same alliance, but 250 off gate. First drake dies, we loot, second drake warps to gate…at 50. Um, obvious bait is obvious, but wtf. That’s what falcons and neuts are for. Burn to drake, point, pew. Next door, local spikes – BC gang is back and inbound, but they’re too slow. Burn 2nd drake down as scouts for BC gang land on grid. We have a laugh and warp off after trying to catch their two SBs. We know we can’t fight them straight up, so we call for Xes from corp – meh, too busy with drama – so playtime. An interesting hour is spent trying to separate one of the BC sheep from the herd to volunteer as our third victim, during which we confirm that these two alliances are blue and working together. Cat and mouse, no more kills, no losses, until we overstay our welcome. Probe the second drake pilot we killed in a safe, back in another drake – cov ops lands <5k away (osht), warp to prober at 0 – crap! drake warps away before we get into warp – break warp – target drake lands on our hurricane. As does his myrm buddy. And then his whole gang. Lol, we had so much fun playing we forgot to check scans for (enemy) probes, broke alignment to warp to drake, and, bad timing, he warps to us a second before we warp to him. Our 'cane pilot get's scrammed and we can't break points before enemy gang lands and our cane goes down.

Good fights in local. We shouldn’t have over-stayed our welcome. Frankly, we were expecting probes, but really just bad luck on timing with breaking alignment right as they warped to us. Props to our new neighbors, more fun in the future!! Two BC kills for one BC loss – not ideal, but ce la vie. Since we’re rather short on dps, time to head home.

Huge congrats to CCP for a well executed patch, and looking forward to decorating space with shiney lasers and explosions, framed by the stunning planets and moons of Dominion.