Dominion Hath Arrived

This is my first post, and my first blog ever, so bear with me while I get the hang of this. Before we get to the formalities – what this blog is about, etc – let’s cut to the chase. PVP in EVE is unlike any pvp experience in any other game. I follow the eve blogosphere a bit and wish more people wrote about it. So, I figured I’d take a stab myself.

Dominion – CCP’s latest free update to the EVE universe – launched today. Very smooth. The new planetary graphics are absolutely stunning. I spent the first half hour in game just warping to planets, soaking in the new graphics. But, pew calls.

Dominion’s explicit, stated goal is to re-write the 0.0 landscape, specifically to allow more players, corps, and smaller alliances to viably move to 0.0. Whether this will be achieved is tbd. Personally, I hope and believe CCP will nail it, if not on the first try, then on the 1.1th try. New alliances = new players in 0.0 = new people to shoot. \o/

So…grab a small gang and head out to explore the 0.0 space near our new home, Maila, to see what changes Dominion hath already wrought. Our gang composition is Hurricane, Curse, Falcon, Rifter – a nice eclectic, unfocused whatever comes along kindof mix. We head out, drop a bubble just to see what we catch and chill. First we notice a territorial claim marker onlining in a nearby system – interesting – owned by an alliance I’ve never seen, no one in local. Well, we do what we do – we shoot it to see if it blends. Unfortunately it doesn’t.

But we hang for a while, and eventually we find a few peeps, members of various alliances, mostly cloakies coming through – stealth bomber fotm, mostly, with some cloaky haulers – very cagey. After 30 mins or so, yay, +1 neut, myrmidon on scan, landing – yum. Unfortunately I, in the curse was exploring two jumps away, so I high tail back, knowing the neuts will be helpful for breaking a properly fitted myrm. Myrm pointed, local spikes, lulz, obvious bait is obvious. Our exceedingly capable Cane pilot burns away and the BC gang backing up the bait Myrm lands without targets to pew. They are 7+ BC heavy and Tackle / eWar light – new alliance, just entering 0.0 – too large for us to fight straight up, but perfect to mess with – maybe we can split and harass. Unfortunately they’re not taking our bait much, and eventually move on.

BC gang leaves, new drake on scan – different alliance – woot. Drake lands on gate, jumps, point, pew. Nice bump later, drake going down – second drake lands on grid, same alliance, but 250 off gate. First drake dies, we loot, second drake warps to gate…at 50. Um, obvious bait is obvious, but wtf. That’s what falcons and neuts are for. Burn to drake, point, pew. Next door, local spikes – BC gang is back and inbound, but they’re too slow. Burn 2nd drake down as scouts for BC gang land on grid. We have a laugh and warp off after trying to catch their two SBs. We know we can’t fight them straight up, so we call for Xes from corp – meh, too busy with drama – so playtime. An interesting hour is spent trying to separate one of the BC sheep from the herd to volunteer as our third victim, during which we confirm that these two alliances are blue and working together. Cat and mouse, no more kills, no losses, until we overstay our welcome. Probe the second drake pilot we killed in a safe, back in another drake – cov ops lands <5k away (osht), warp to prober at 0 – crap! drake warps away before we get into warp – break warp – target drake lands on our hurricane. As does his myrm buddy. And then his whole gang. Lol, we had so much fun playing we forgot to check scans for (enemy) probes, broke alignment to warp to drake, and, bad timing, he warps to us a second before we warp to him. Our 'cane pilot get's scrammed and we can't break points before enemy gang lands and our cane goes down.

Good fights in local. We shouldn’t have over-stayed our welcome. Frankly, we were expecting probes, but really just bad luck on timing with breaking alignment right as they warped to us. Props to our new neighbors, more fun in the future!! Two BC kills for one BC loss – not ideal, but ce la vie. Since we’re rather short on dps, time to head home.

Huge congrats to CCP for a well executed patch, and looking forward to decorating space with shiney lasers and explosions, framed by the stunning planets and moons of Dominion.

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