Another fun fight in EOA

Another fun fight last night in EOA. Coming back from a short 0.0 roam – couldn’t find any gangs, but ganked a cyno-falcon, vaga, and vexor. But on our exit gate we find a medium sized camp. They’re a bit too heavy for us to fight straight up as they have 3 BS, 5 BC and some support, vs our 3 BC, hac, and some ewar, so we try to bait and split them.

No luck on that, until an onyx chases one of our cane’s to a 150 off the gate. Cane warps and onyx decides to slow-boat back…purrrfect. We setup a warp in, when he hits 100 from the gate we go – ganked onyx. Manticore gets too close, trying to help – no more manticore. Unfortunately I am trying to do way too many things at once and screw the pooch on my warp in, warping to gate – its bad when your FC can’t follow his own orders. 😦 Jump out, burn back, jump back in. Its a huge regional gate, and I appear in a good position to just burn away toward our gang. So, I go – get primaried by their gang, apoc is hitting me hard. I think I’ve reached a safe range, they’re getting through my shield, so warp to a planet – second mistake, failing to turn off mwd first. Slow alignment (mwd pwns agility) allows a thorax I didn’t notice was chasing me (third mistake) to get a scram on me right before I warp, and I pop before I can get him off me. Looking at the kb, reveals 4th mistake – if I’d just range disrupted the apoc I’d have been fine, as he was doing all the damage. Meh, live and learn. Mates pop the thorax – so trade is onyx, manti, thorax for curse. Not too bad, but many mistakes on my part cost me my ship.

Not being satisfied though, we burn home, re-ship to get heavy enough to take them on, and come back. Camp is mostly still there, two of their BS have left but they’ve picked up some more mixed. Oh well, screw bait, let’s go. We jump in en masse, primary the scorp, who melts in seconds (honor tank ftw) and then the 2x brutix. After that, their dps is minimal, we spread points and keep working through primaries, taking any opportunity to pew ewar and bombers as they appear (expensive and fragile) and kill what we can before they run / de-aggress and jump. Net result: scorpion, brutix, brutix, cyclone, arazu, drake, drake, hound, hyena down with none lost. I think they had a hic and possibly another drake that manage to de-aggress and jump as well. They primaried our raven – the right call on their part with a damnation on the field – but the combination of us melting their dps quickly, the huge regional gate (lazor boats >> blaster boats on regional gates) and their lack of tackle allowed our raven to escape in structure – nice piloting Trouser.

Was a very fun couple of fights. Props to the Ihatalo guys and their friends for sticking around. So nice to be fighting people who want to pvp, not just run away like Faction War blobs.

I love this dominion thing. I’m sure its a giant pain in the ass for the 0.0 guys who’ve had their world’s turned upside down. But the re-invigoration of 0.0 and the influx of new residents is wonderful – cause I get to shoot them :D. Stuff like these freighter convoy ganks are pure win.

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