Gotta love ransoms

Quiet friday night. Not much going on. Went on a small roam, either ran into far too much for our 5 BS to handle or far too little and they ran away. No good fights, just a thorax gank that I couldn’t even lock before he was one volleyed, lol.

So I’m chilling in Maila, running logistics on alts, talking a bit with friends. I decide to undock my crusader to put some bookmarks together in Maila and surrounding systems. Ooooo, hulk on scan. 5 degrees, top belt – yum. Point and pew, when he convoes me asking how much not to kill him? Now, I’m kindof thinking I want the KM just for the laughs – probably not a good idea to mine in a system infested with pirates. So I figure, hulks go for like 90M or so, why not go for broke…’200m’ I tell him. I figure there’s no way he pays me that much, so I put him into structure just to make it clear he doesn’t have long, when my wallet flashes…lol, 200M donation, just for me. Pleasure doing business with you draukaa, I’d suggest mining somewhere a little safer. However, it does make me wonder what was actually on that ship worth more than 200M lol. Oh well, we always, 100% honor all paid ransoms, so I let him go and smile, thinking how that 200M will buy me a new curse to replace the one I lost a few days ago!

Or, maybe I buy a crusader on steroids…the new Imperial Navy Slicer is a mean little frigate. With scorch it does 130+ dps from 20km+, moving at 4100 m/s or more (depending on rigs, etc). I fly my crusaders fitted for range – so I can put a point on something and do decent dps for a frig from ~13-14km. The problem is overheated webs can slow me down enough to be scrammed, caught, and killed. The new Slicer solves that problem easily, operating comfortably at 20km or more. Might have to pick one of those up – saw one kill a sabre the other day. Just one of the awesome new faction ships.

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