Changing Corps

The time has come for me to change corporations. My time with Beyond Divinity has been a blast. I’ve learned a lot flying with some of the finest pilots in EVE and wish them all the best.

The highlight of my time in BYDI was, without a doubt, Alliance Tournament 7. BYDI created an alliance, Beyond Virginity, just to enter the tournament. Our little corp of <100 pilots against all the big bad alliances in game, lol. Thanks to a lot of hard work, planning, leadership, and practice we took third place – pretty darn good for first timers. I had only recently joined the corp at the time so could offer little beyond moral support, but was very proud of my corp mates. I don't know what was better, listening to the announcers giggle every time they had to say 'Beyond Virginity' or laughing at the people who thought we had no chance because we're not a 0.0 alliance. Guys, small gang pvp is all we do, every day. And we do it flashy, so anyone can shoot us and gate guns are a constant issue. Are we the best? Of course not, but on an even playing field we will hold our own against anyone.

My reasons for leaving are fairly simple. Unfortunately there has been quite a bit of corp drama lately, which I will not get into here as it has little to do with me directly. The result, though, is a considerable number of pilots opted to leave the corp – including the vast majority of the US tz pilots. Since I primarily fly late US tz, this leaves the corp practically deserted during my time online, plus these are the guys I fly with every day and I'm sad to see them go, so, I've decided to follow them in forming a new corp, Final Agony.

Much ❤ for the BYDI peeps, I have no doubt you guys will carry on kicking ass. I look forward to flying with you, or against you, in the future – imho, the only thing more fun than flying with friends is shooting them. 😀

But, on to new things – F1NAL has setup shot in Bosboger for the time being. Personally, I’ve spent most of my time in EVE in the Black Rise area or in 0.0, so the Minmatar space is pretty new to me. Spent the last 36 hours moving from Maila down to my new home (130+ jumps with my freighter alt lol). Finally got out for some pew last night, and now I see why people love the Amamake area. I will cover the fights in another post later, but 23 kills in a night is a good start – and I missed the first half the night and spent part of my time in a guardian (my buddy Grom pulled 39 yesterday, meh, whore :)).

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