First Day Roaming Fun

Monday night saw some good fun fights around our new home. Started out playing in Amamake in frigates, just three of us. Actually was two frigs and a thrasher. No organization, just fun. Before long we were joined by a few corp mates just bringing whatever they felt like, so we ended up about a half dozen frigs and destroyers backed up by two falcons, lol. Falcon backed frigs is, admittedly, a bit lame. We didn’t exactly plan it though, just a bit of play. Grab a few kills, have some laughs, and decide to move on.

We’re moving on when word comes of a bait domi sitting in top belt. I never met bait I didn’t want to take, so we re-ship into BS – overkill for one domi, but we assume he’s got friends – it is Amamake after all. So we send in an onyx for tackle, point on domi, jump the gang in. Right as our gang goes into warp, local spikes, predictably, and a phoon lands on the domi. We only have the onyx + about 4bs, iirc. We see at least 5 or 6 more BS and a falcon in-bound, on top of the domi and phoon already there. Being a little skittish in the new area, the call is made to get out since we’re not sure how large the gang may be in total (amamake is a bit crowded). Upon landing we align and head out, all ships escaping except for me unfortunately. Unfortunately they spot met trying to burn away (in a slow as molasses abaddon, lol) and manage to catch up with a web before I can get to speed. Pop. Turns out the domi may not have been with the inbound gang, as they popped him too – would have been an interesting three-way. This is what happens when you take obvious bait in unfamiliar territory. Oh well. I look forward to our next run-in with The Defiant boys.

So we (I) re-ship, re-group and try to get a fight out of them in Amamake, but they take off once their GCC is up. We decide to head out in our RR BS gang, pick up a couple of logies for rep, leaving our gang at roughly 8x BS, 2x Logies, and a CS I think, with a hic tackler; I think we had a scimi tackler too, but he gtfo before the fight below, so, not really relevant. We don’t have to go far before we find more fun. We spot what looks like the tail end of an Amarr FW gang, at least 2x Guardians and 2x Geddons in Auga. Catch one Geddon in Auga and our Oineros is able to jump through into Kourm and catch the other Geddon. This is where things get very interesting. So, what looks to us to be the rest of the Geddon’s gang lands on us in Auga. We’ve popped the Geddon and are de-aggressing to jump, with our Oneiros on the other side. The gang that lands on us in Auga is roughly 2x Maelstrom, 2x Phoons, Pest, Scorpion, Vulture, Scimitar plus roughly a half dozen or so cruisers and tackle – and local is continuing to climb, lol. In hindsight, turns out this gang is Minni militia, chasing the Amarr, but we did not know that at the time. They eye-ball us, but we’re de-agressing, so we all jump through to join our lone logi in Kourm. Everyone jumps and a nice old fashioned brawl ensues. Woohoo!! This is why I play this game.

However, right from the bat, disaster strikes for us. Our second logi DC’s on jump in – leaving the first logi aggressed, unsupported, and getting gate gunned to shit. And its a huge stinkin minmatar regional gate. Not good for an RR BS gang, lol. Everyone piles on the Amarr geddon, and then our first logi dies in short order – gate guns did nearly half the work on him. We’re absurdly spread out, trying to re-group so RR can help, but that’s a losing battle. Meanwhile, Minni scimi burns to range, a falcon de-cloaks, and a Hyperion, Domi, and another Geddon have joined them. We’re outnumbered, out-ewared, lost our logies (one down, one jumped) and spread out – in short, we’re screwed. Nothing left to do but call primaries and kill everything we can. We proceed to trade BS, roughly equally until we’re down to just 3 remaining and our DPS is shite b/c the falcon and scimi are nullifying two – so we de-aggro and jump. End tally of the fight (on our KB) was 6 killed, 6 lost, roughly similar isk – and one helluva good time.

If the logi doesn’t DC I think that fight goes differently, as the logi pair would have given us time to get our RR in place, but meh, this stuff happens. Huge props to minnie militia for bringing a great fight. We are adjusting our tactics (huge gates suck balls – very different from black rise) and can’t wait for the next round.

We head home, re-ship, try to catch them looting but move too slow. Oh well – we still have a full gang and everybody is pumped after a great fight, so we head out on a rather long roam, ending up heading all the way to BWF and LXQ, but not getting any more good fights. Just a bunch of ganks on the way – final tally I think was three ruptures, vaga, damnation, brutix, manticore, vexor, and four whored macro-haulers. Overall very fun night; I think I made the wall of shame when I learned that Arnher != Anher, especially when you’re flashy. In my defense it was past one in the morning and martini rex was in full effect – police pretty much gave me a FUI.

Once again, GFs to everyone around Amamake, especially the Minnies. Looking forward to more fun!!

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