Sometimes camping can get you gfs

Fun little camp last night in Amamake that even resulted in a nice fight. Now, I’m not really a big camper. Frankly, I find it boring. Pwning noobs and the unsuspecting with rrbs overkill just doesn’t entertain me for long periods. Taken too far I think it dulls real PVP skills – the kind you only build hunting and fighting people who plan to fight back. But some people like it, goofin on comms can be fun, and sometimes you can even get a good fight out of it.

So we formed up for some random camping, not really much of a plan. Lot of traffic coming through Osoggur gate. We’ve got a properly setup camping gang – HIC, arazu, rapier, dual logies and maybe ten-ish rrbs. Kill a bunch of nubbins, lols, fun. Everyone’s getting a little bored and loose, scouting is getting lax, we’re about to pack it up soon. I’m flying a guardian and I was asked to change my fit to be dual cap trans in case of fights, which forced me to remove my whoring lazor, so couldn’t even whore on the kills. Meh.

Suddenly in warps 4 Megas and a Domi – interesting. FC calls primary, but I’m literally thinking to myself ‘no big deal, they’re just gonna jump through’. Gate activates, in jumps seven more. Looks like it on!!

Primaries are called, RR in place for both sides – pure slug fest. Our Guardians overload reps, but they manage to DPS through it and take down two of ours. I’m actually wondering if people were caught off-guard and our RRBS pilots didn’t get reps onto broadcasts fast enough. Meanwhile we’ve primaried and are chewing up their Megas – very little tops the face-melting dps of a Megathron at 0. Their lack of logies starts to show, as finally our reps catch up to their damage. Once we kill 3 megas, we’ve taken enough of their DPS off the field that we can just about tank the rest – we manage to save our third BS on the edge of hull. FC continues calling primaries, burning through most of the rest of their BS, then the call comes to spread points – they’re bugging out. End result, we lose 2 battleships and kill 7 BS and 3 BC. Killboard is a bit funky b/c of the camping kills mixed in.

Great Fight to Important Internet Spaceships; hats off for having the balls to bring the fight even outnumbered. We were quite surprised they didn’t primary our logistics first. Had they done so we almost certainly would have lost more ships. Because they didn’t, they hit an absolute wall on their third primary, one of our other geddons. I’m sure glad they didn’t though, as that would have cost me my guardian.

Also, interesting read on DUST514. Love the description of EVE:

“Eve is the MMO with the best stories – the MMO rife with tales of complex backstabbing and glittering amorality, where players form corporations rather than guilds and move about the terrain as spaceships rather than pixies. It’s unashamedly grown-up in its depiction of a sharp-edged universe in which a very human kind of malevolence lurks in the next star cluster, and it’s unashamedly different, too: a long-view game where the outcomes of a smart plan may unfold in months rather than minutes, and which, with its fanatical players and evershifting alliances, seems unbothered by the ticking clock which lures many of its competitors into constant talk of sequels.”

Worth a read.

Fly wreckless!!

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