Fights like this are why I play Eve

Good fights in Eve are hard to come by. Most fights are lop-sided at best, that’s just Eve – not a complaint at all, simply a fact. ‘Better to blob than be blobbed’ is a common refrain. But sometimes things come together to get a real, evenly-matched brawl, and there’s nothing like it. The buildup of intel. The rush of adrenaline on landing and seeing the overview fill up with reds. The chaos of target calling. The cold spike of fear when you’re primaried. The relief when your logistics pull you up out of hull. The giddiness of victory. No other game comes close imo. Great fights like this are the reason I play eve.

We formed up a decent sized roaming fleet this Sunday with high hopes and were not disappointed. Nearly two straight hours of back and forth fighting in and around Amamake. PVP heaven, and a great way to head off for the holiday.

Round 1
We started the day moving out with roughly a dozen BCs, 2 guardians and a few heavy tacklers for support. I was FCing and piloting one of the guardians. We didn’t have to go far to find targets. Scouts spot a Minnie FW gang of about 20 or so, mixed, cruiser heavy that passed through Amamake ahead of us. Time to bait in top belt. The Minnies take the bait, with us warping our gang in at about the same time as them. They outnumber us slightly but we’re quite a bit heavier, so, understandably they bug out. We manage to grab a couple, give half-hearted chase to Auga, but they’re moving fast.

Round 2
A few minutes later as we’re finishing looting and about to head out, an Amarr FW gang is spotted in Auga – fifteen or so with a few BS and a variety of BC/cruiser and tacklers. We warp to Auga to engage, unfortunately getting split on either side of the gate as it appeared that we would need to jump to them for a fight. Battle is joined in earnest on the Amamake side when the Auga FW gang jumps through and another half dozen or so Amarr land at range, including 5 (presumably) snipe fit zealots. Go time!!

Primaries are called, things start going boom. We start working on their BCs with the most gank/tank, they do the same. We trade 3-4 losses each, our logistics are starting to turn the tide and tank their damage, when in jumps the Minmatar FW gang, having shipped up to BCs and up. They start shooting us too, turning the whole thing into a nasty menage, with us getting f-ed in the middle. Call is made to de-aggress and gtfo. We warp off or jump as necessary, Minnies pew the Amarr, hold the field, and set to looting. At this point I have learned a valuable lesson – I’m trying to do way too much – maybe a more experienced FC could simultaneously fly a logistics, call targets, and run a cov ops scout on a second client, but my sub-par talents are not up to the task; and it hurt our performance with slow target calls and slow reps. I hand target calling off, we re-ship to RR BS and get ready to go again!

Round 3
Fifteen minutes later, Minnies are still looting, we’ve re-formed and warp onto them from both sides of the gate (half our fleet was still in Auga having jumped through). We catch what we can, they bail, we pick through the rest and reset in Amamake for a few minutes. Quick bios, rep overheated guns, get sorted. As we undock to head out, de ja vu…Amarr gang cited in Auga, inbound. At this point we’ve got roughly 15 total, with ~10 RR BS, and they’re 30+ with roughly 12 or so BS (six gd tankaddons), another 8 or so BC and various support / tackle. Everyone aligns Auga, fleet warps to gate, landing as they jump in. Time for an ol’ fashioned brawl!!!!

/calderus rex does his happy pew pew dance

Primaries are called, starting with lesser tanked BS and ewar – we knew their Abaddons would be very heavy on tank, so mostly left these to last. Overheat everything, guns blasting, drones swarming like angry bees, FC furiously calling targets and everyone watching broadcasts. We’re burning through their BS and tanking ok even though they’re jamming and neuting our logies, and primarying our BS with less tank. We lose a rokh (if you bring a shield ship to an RR fight, you’re instant primary), a domi that I believe got bumped away from the BS cluster, and couple of our tacklers, but they’re losing more. Their DPS starts dropping and we manage to pull a phoon out of deep structure, turning the tide. They’re switching primaries, but we’re able to keep up when the Minnies again jump in. However, this time its just a few skirmishers and we’re in full blood lust mode and don’t really notice – just more targets on grid. As our tank holds, they start to bug out, we spread points, and mop up the rest. Finally tally for round three was 7BS, 8BC, and a few support killed to 2 BS and 2 support lost.

We hold the field, looting everything we can. Frankly, we’re not paying very close attention, and, as we warp off one of our BS gets tackled. Our mods are burnt and we’re low on ammo and 800s, but our FC says hold, warp back to gate and save the gang mate. Unfortunately some people have already docked, others re-align and start to warp…right as our tackled BS says ‘o sht, there’s a Minnie gang here…whoah, 7 typhoons, and a bunch more.’ Derp. Order to break warp is given, but a few ships are already in warp, including both of our logies. We’re scattered and unorganized, so FC makes the call to stay out rather than trickle in one at a time; net result is in the process of de-engaging we lose three more ships (plus the initial tackled BS). Doh!

Our killboard for the fight is a mess because of the long running engagement, the various 3-way action causing people to appear on both sides, and us changing from BCs to BS, listing many of our pilots two (or more) times. Overall tally on our KB was 2.8B in damage done, with .6B received; 48-9 k-d; however, there are a few losses from our side on other corps boards and I suspect there are a few more kill mails floating out there as well.

Regardless, epic fights, great fun, much love to our FW opponents for one of the best days of pew pew I’ve had in Eve. Fights like this are the reason I play this game so I’m always very appreciative of opponents that will bring it. GFs to all involved!!

Merry Christmas to everyone. I’ll be largely out of game over the holiday and am working on a couple of more general posts. Specifically one on advanced combat probing as well as one to explain what my goals are writing this blog. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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