Lol Goons

January 27, 2010

Massive turmoil in 0.0 makes me smile. I guess Goons screwed the pooch on paying their Sov bills. Wow Karma is a bitch – not exactly an alliance disband button, but sortof better – they really were terrible at this game the whole time! Now IT/BoB moves back to Delve, PL is booted from Fountain, Atlas and TriCo are pwning the NC – and all this while 0.0 is nearly unplayable b/c of lag (so they say, prefer yarring to lagging). About to be a huge power vacuum in 0.0, it seems. The talk of Tri and NC forming a truce in protest of CCP’s failure to address lag issues and instead moving their war to Jita for a week is one of the funniest ideas I’ve heard in a long time. But, to the title, fuck goons – these are people that state explicitly their goal is to ruin our game. My limited experience with them was killing a few here and there and a couple of fleet engagements over moons – but their tactics like spamming local to lag out fights, while arguably effective, are simply lame. Glad to see them take a huge hit. God the tears and rage over all the trapped assets must be epic.


F1NAL’s first month and my plans for the blog

January 8, 2010

Been meaning to post an overview for this blog, finally got around to writing it up. But first, a quick shout-out to my mates in F1NAL. For a little over a month now we’ve been shooting people in the face in and around Amamake, and what a month its been. F1NAL was founded in late November, just prior to the launch of Dominion (coincidental timing) by Villwrath, and a number of other pilots, leaving Beyond Divinity. We moved into our new home in Bosboger and opened for business shortly thereafter. A few highlights from our first month as a corp:

– We’ve had a ton of awesome fights – more gang pew pew than I’ve had at any point in my Eve career. Sadly, I missed our two latest brawls, a nice fight with xxDeathxx and the russian mafia (Disclaimer: our KB is not the best view, as there were many corps involved on our side – losses are split among boards) and a slug fest in Amamake today against the Minnies and Star Fraction. GFs to all!!!
– Nearly 3,400 kills and 120B isk in damage; lulz, slow December. Stats are not our goal, but some people can’t help but look at them. Jan has been even better so far, especially now that our esteemed Wolfy brosef’s have moved to the area.
– We’ve quickly grown our membership to our goal of ~100 members, about where we want to draw the line. That’s a rather large number as pirate corps go, but this allows us to have good coverage across most of the day, not just one of the two big EU/US tz (AU/JPN/late US is always tough), and frankly I do not view us as a pirate corp, but as a PVP corp that happens to prefer low sec to 0.0. Pirates are dirty and smelly and poor. Most of us are just dirty and smelly.
– Our hard work is appreciated by our neighbors. 🙂

So, with that out of the way, back to my original plan. The theme for this blog is PVP – small gangs, soloing, large gang fights, 0.0 roaming and hunting low sec. Due to sec status issues, high sec pvp will be…errr…limited (o hai thar afk hulky), and probably not much large scale 0.0 sov warfare – been there, done that some and simply prefer the <100 stuff.

My posts will be a mix of stories and battle reports, PVP tactics and advice, and general Eve commentary. I plan to keep 80%+ of my posts PVP focused, even though I do actually enjoy many other aspects of the game – exploration, industry, trading being a few. Pew pew costs money yo! But, imo there are already some great blogs out there that focus on these topics.

My goals for the blog are:
1) Increase the general Eve population's understanding and interest in PVP. I only got serious about PVPing in Eve about 15 or so months ago, and, while my understanding and skills have grown enormously, I'd hardly consider myself an expert. That said, I think there the more people see different PVP styles, options, engagements, etc, the more willing they will be to try new things out. I want everyone to enjoy PVP as much as I do – the rush of a good fight is the best part Eve. So I thought I would add my meager perspectives to the mix.
2) Improve my own abilities in game, as both a PVPer and an FC. As I said, I don't consider myself and expert PVPer, much less strong FC, but I want to learn more. I find that writing up engagements and thinking the fight through after the fact helps me learn what worked, what didn't, and what I can do better.
3) Learn to blog and write a bit for an audience. This is my first blog really, and my first attempt to write for an audience for entertainment value – I know I have a lot to learn. I'm really not very technically savvy on html or web related stuff but would like to be more knowledgeable, so this is sortof a side project for me to learn more.

On that note, I want to do few things to improve this blog:
– I need a banner and/or surrounding artwork, but I have no idea how to do this stuff. I keep toying with the wordpress pre-built layouts; haven't found one I really like yet.
– Suggestions on how I can make my writing and be more interesting are greatly appreciated as well. First and foremost, gotta write shorter posts.
– Need to get the blogroll expanded for some linky love.
– Leave me a comment! Just so I know its fookin workin. I'm a nub when it comes to this stuff.

Cheers all, fly wreckless!!