Lol Goons

Massive turmoil in 0.0 makes me smile. I guess Goons screwed the pooch on paying their Sov bills. Wow Karma is a bitch – not exactly an alliance disband button, but sortof better – they really were terrible at this game the whole time! Now IT/BoB moves back to Delve, PL is booted from Fountain, Atlas and TriCo are pwning the NC – and all this while 0.0 is nearly unplayable b/c of lag (so they say, prefer yarring to lagging). About to be a huge power vacuum in 0.0, it seems. The talk of Tri and NC forming a truce in protest of CCP’s failure to address lag issues and instead moving their war to Jita for a week is one of the funniest ideas I’ve heard in a long time. But, to the title, fuck goons – these are people that state explicitly their goal is to ruin our game. My limited experience with them was killing a few here and there and a couple of fleet engagements over moons – but their tactics like spamming local to lag out fights, while arguably effective, are simply lame. Glad to see them take a huge hit. God the tears and rage over all the trapped assets must be epic.

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