Sources of EVE News

Crazy Kinux posted recently about updating the EVE Blog Pack. Wonderful to see!! I look forward to reading the latest posts from the pack every morning when I get into work. The blog pack is one of my main sources of Eve news. Here are a few others that I read / follow:

The other news sources I follow are:
* ScrapHeapChallenge just to stay current on all of the politics and :goodfights: going on around the EVE universe, especially 0.0
* Kugutsumen is good too, but I’ve only started following it recently
* Of course, the usually weekly Eve Tribune is great!

And lastly, killboards! Yes, I regularly take a look at a few corp and alliance killboards for lulls, interesting fits, and emerging tactics. My two favorite are:
* Genos Occidere – Garmon and crew are some of the baddest guerrilla warriors and small gang PVPers in the game
* Triumvirate – Always has funny kills, marauding through NC space or low/high sec; stuff like this is gold
* And of course, my former m8s in BYDI; gotta love the emoragequit inspiring pirate kills like this one

Where do you get your EVE news from?!

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