Does anybody think 0.0 has gotten really quiet? I realize that the lag issues have made fleet fights unpredictable, or utterly unplayable, particularly if it has unequal impact that strongly favors defenders / whoever was on-grid first. But wow, SHC and Kugu feel quiet, killboards seem a bit bereft of fleet fights. The only major conflict seems to be the SC bulldozing CVA out of Provi, plus the, arguably, smaller fight of the Sys-k and Stain dudes. Otherwise, seems awfully quiet, with just normal skirmishes, roams, and ganks. Point is, the wholesale destruction of fleets, caps, and supercaps seems to have stopped.

Am I wrong? Calm before a storm, or has Eve fundamentally changed, or just disgust with CCP winning every fleet fight putting a hold on territorial warfare? Seems quieter now than at any point in the last year or so. Maybe its just me.

2 Responses to Crickets

  1. asc says:

    Not especially. With a fairly major fight up north recently finished, the NC currently driving out ev0ke and cry havoc, the SC busy killing CVA, the coalition formerly known as stainwagon falling apart and IT having recently retaken Delve, every political entity of significance has seen significant fighting in the last two or three months (I could actually use a break but it looks like the new northern war will start up shortly). Compared to the dead silent 6-ish months after goons killed bob I would describe this as barely a lull.

  2. Calderus Rex says:

    Fair points, but the first two conflicts you cited were hardly fights. Goons vs Evoke was over before it started – Evoke evacced before Goons even arrived and is sticking with their particular guerrilla style. And SC steamrolling CVA, aside from epic capital slaughter in the first week or two, is nothing but shooting stations. But true, post BoB was very quiet too.

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