Its about time

The long anticipated war between the north and south has finally begun. Or at least begins officially Thursday, with corresponding propaganda, logistics, skirmishes and smack already in full swing. Personally, I think much drama and node crashing will ensue, probably mixed with a few epic capital turkey shoots (more like epic fail). Ultimately I think the SC is just too large, too many pilots, for the NC to have not be ground down, at least in the medium term. Long term though, the NC plan of re-emerging from NPC space seems to make sense; we’ll see. I think it silly to speculate on what things will look when the war is over before its even started.

I’m not personally involved in the conflict, although, I am quite entertained by all the drama, and benefit substantially from a financial perspective as I fund most of my PVP with invention, manufacturing, and a few reaction poses. Ultimately, I’m just rooting for much destruction on both sides. As I’ve written previously, I think we’ve been in a bit of a deflationary period, with supply exceeding demand, since shortly after Dominion. The new war should swing the balance back, driving both higher demand and lower supply, and therefore higher prices and margins for mfg. That said, today’s Dev blog on upcoming changes to the insurance and mineral systems certainly throws a huge uncertainty factor into the equation. I agree with many of those giving feedback on the forums – I think this is a huge change, or set of changes, that directly impacts every player in the game, as well as the overall economy, so I hope they’ve thought this through.

My time in game has been mixed of late. Since forming our new corp, NEAT0, my friends and I have been flying around, shooting what we can in the Villasen / W-4 Cloud Ring area, while also trying to rat our sec stat up. Sec stat’s a serious grind, but I’m finally around -1.6 – cleared for all high sec with a little buffer to spare. I realized that my time as a Pirate somehow damaged my standings with the Caldari State, barring me from accessing R&D agents who have quite a few datacores sitting around, so I had to grind L3/4 missions for a couple of days to get those back as well. WOW did that suck – I forgot how utterly un-fun high sec missions are. At least when ratting or plexing you have (1) more risk, from either NPCs or hostiles and (2) more reward, from faction spawns, etc, to keep things interesting. I don’t see how anyone can run L3/4 for their primary isk, its just so utterly boring, with just enough variation that you can’t completely do it mindlessly, but no where near enough to qualify as interesting.

Now NEAT0 has joined the Caldari Militia. We’ll see how that goes. We joined for several reasons. First, simply moar reds. Second, potential recruiting – we can fly with various pilots and potentially recruit some that show talent and potential. Third, just to try something new for a bit. And last, access to FW missions, which, despite the nerf are still fairly lucrative. However, the reality of the Caldari is that, other than a few solid corps that mostly do their own thing and keep to themselves, the militia is terrible. Really, really bad. Much worse than I remember it being when I first joined, although that might simply be (1) a product of how much I’ve learned and grown over the last year and half in 0.0 and pirating and (2) many of the competent Caldari pilots left to head to 0.0. So, our reasoning for joining might not be very sound: moar reds doesn’t really matter that much as we shoot them anyways, war target or not, and its very, very blobby in the FW pipe; recruiting is looking fairly bleak; and it doesn’t really feel very new – it feels old, like my first days PVPing nearly 2 years ago.

Time will tell. Starting to feel a bit of burn out setting in. Too many things going on, moving, ratting sec up, FCing, mfg, invention, reaction poses, moon mining, recruiting, blogging. Too much. Time to scale back, at least until I can build up a bit more of an isk cushion. My various isk making operations did not seem to be churning out the money I expected them to, to the point where I’m starting to bump up against my 500M minimum buffer quite frequently. Turns out that the price depression going on was leaving me with a lot of money tied up in stuff I hadn’t sold yet, or working capital. Rising demand should help clear this bottleneck, and when I finally decided ‘screw this, I’m liquidating, now’ on a decent amount of it, I realized I had about 3B of working capital and extra stuff for market sitting around. Time to sell and get back to more fun, pew, and laughs.

Good luck to both the NC and the SC. And CCP for that matter. Give those hamsters some serious combat boosters!

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