Some welps and some gfs; no fear

Over the last week I’ve been trying to FC a bit more for the Caldari militia, while trying to do a lot of teaching to improve some of the PVP skills of militia members in my fleets. The militia needs a LOT of work – basics like tackling and intel are all really bad, much less scouting and fittings, etc. Militia FCs I’ve flown under seem to consistently under-estimate the value of good scouting and intel. As a result, they make the same mistakes again and again, being scouted, baited and ganked by larger, heavier Gallente blobs. But had a few decent fights and some fun but welpish moments too. Quick recap:

First fleet I FCed (I actually picked it up half way through from other FC who was leaving) resulted in a great fight with ADHD in Abune. We had 2 BS, 6 BC and 6ish support and tackle around Heydieles, with our BS and most of our BC hidden next door in Indregulle and some bait / tackle on the Abune / Heyd gate. I receive intel of ‘pirate BS landing on the gate…uh, 3 of them’. So, thinking we were up against just 3 bs, good to go, order jump in, tacklers split gate, call red box (ie aggression, so we know they’re engaged on one side and can’t just burn back to gate). BS align to abune as intel comes ‘more BS landing on gate’, fuck it, some of us are already in warp. We’re committed now, not getting clear intel, will sort it when I get there. \o/ Given unknown number of enemy BS, I make a quick decision that we will NOT be engaging in Heyd, regardless, telling people to jump through and fight in Abune, no matter what they do. This turns out well, as about 1/2 the ADHD fleet aggresses in Heyd to push us through, leaving us with a small advantage of time in Abune. I’m pretty sure ADHD expected us to just run, but f that. So we all jump into abune. Primary their scorp, which we burn through pretty fast as he has very little RR to help him (they’re split). Then go to work on the rapier – expensive, light tank and deadly to our support. Pop him in fairly short order, but one of our two BS is down. Go to work hard on a pest, as he was already well into armor from gate guns and some fail unfocused fire. I’m now seeing their full fleet – 8 BS, with rapier and legion – lol, way too heavy for us in theory, but we’re doing ok, their RR is not working particularly well yet. So we go to work on the Megas, killing one, and getting the other to the edge of structure before we’ve lost too much DPS to overcome their reps. Call disengage, end result, 3 BS and Rapier dead for 2 BS and 4 BC lost. May have been better to call the apoc or domi primary rather than megas – while the short range face raep that a megas deliver drove my call, the pulse apoc was consistently driving our falcon off the field, and the domi was probably fit with 2-3 RR mods. Oh well. The oddest thing was they didn’t primary my geddon until last. So I was able to sit there and drop full dps, call targets, etc at short range the entire fight. I’ve fought ADHD a number of times while in BYDI, and we had a very healthy respect for them. They were likely rolling slaved RR BS with the gang linked legion (slightly better boosts than a damnation) – we had no business engaging this fleet, but we came out just barely ahead in terms of isk – 54% efficiency (admittedly two not so related kills included). Against superior skilled pilots, with heavier ships, and better fits, we came out with a draw – I call that at least a small victory! And a very fun fight, which is more important. I suspect they were a little unhappy about that fight, so much so that they re-shipped and dropped a couple of triage carriers on the Gallente later in Tama.

I did not FC this fleet, but joined up for it. I honestly have no idea what our FC was thinking engaging here. After some militia style monty python fail bait / chasing, we scouted about 1/3 of this gang coming from Nis toward us in Heyd, including a fleet tempest. Obvious bait is obvious. Sure enough, 2 carriers undocked in Nis waiting to hot drop. FC has us bouncing around Heyd, does a good job of skirting their fleet and getting into Abune – good, I’m thinking, this will not end well against carriers, so discretion is the better part of valor. Time to go home. Then the call is made to re-approach the heyd gate – wtf. Sure enough, they come to us, jump in, another 2/3 join them from OMS / surrounding systems, and they pop cyno, bringing in three carriers. We manage to kill 2 BS but get absolutely rolled heavier fleet with carrier support. Shocker. I have no clue what our FC was thinking, but managed to de-aggress in structure and jump into heyd – slaves ftw. Welp. So is life flying with the militia.

FCed a couple of other fleets with nothing but a few ganks here and there, nothing worth talking about. Until last night. Three different times in the span of two hours or so we had near misses on great fights. First, we’re trying to go fight a 6 or so man gate camp in 0.0. They’ve got 3 hacs, 2 recons, and a bubbler. We’re going in two BS. We re-ship, ninja piss, refill booze, and head out, only to have them pull up their bubbles and move on right as we’re about to jump in. Don’t know if we’d have won, but we had a good plan, and a scouted 2 vs 6 is guaranteed to be a rush. Then, one of our alt poses was coming out of RF on a late night timer, and we don’t think the enemy will have much available to finish it. Sure enough, they show up with only 5 BS and a falcon as over-watch – pos bash fitted geddons and such (likely RR with little or no tackle, cap recharge mods, etc). We’ve got 2 bs plus a little pos gunning support (not much, its just a small mining pos). Unfortunately a serious derp on our part on POS logisitics resulted in the fight fizzling and us having to let the POS die. So now I’m bombed, seriously blue-balled over the near misses, and :rage: over the blown POS. Don’t care about losing the pos really, just a cad moon, but pissed about missing a fight due to foolishness. Time for a TILT roam!

Grab the cynabal, and mates in a nano-cane and a crow and head out to see what we can shoot. Gank a drake and caracal, roaming around…then, hmm, archon on scan. Bounce around, archon off scan. System isn’t very big. Warp back to entry gate, archon back on scan. D-scan…he’s in space…drones out…mission. Interesting. Probes out, hit, warp, sure enough, archon running a level 5. And we have a cynabal, a cane, and a crow. Against a carrier. Sweet!! We warp in, manage to get point on him, keeping range to see what he’ll do and how he’s fit. Oh shit, its a Cry Havoc archon, lol. CH are (1) generally exceptional pilots, (2) a decent sized alliance that lives only a few jumps away, and (3) notorious low sec cap hunters. We have a CH carrier pointed in a mission, and all of three nano ships to hold him. Its times like this I really wish I owned a bat phone.

We start hollering in what intel channels we can, a few militia start to respond. Reinforcements are a good 10+ jumps from us though, and he’s sending flights of drones and fighters at us. We’re having a grand ol’ time shooting fighters, popping a few, while trying to warp off individually as our shields get low, and then back before he can drive all 3 of us off him. Luckily, he’s totally mission fitted – no point or neuts – and under a fair amount of fire from NPCs, forcing him to keep his reps running. The three of us of course have no chance to break him, but we’re not in all that much danger either. Except the fighters eventually start to hurt, making our warp-out handoff cycles faster. We’re doing pretty ok though, cycling in and out. We hold him for a good 10, maybe 15, minutes. Reinforcements finally get into system, are in warp into the mission…and the archon warps out. OMGWTFAPOCALYPTICRAGE. Turns out 1 of us warped out, another was warping back, and the third pilot had landed just a tiny bit too far from the carrier, either losing the point in the handoff or letting himself drift out of point range for a split second. Literally as our backup is warping in. Grrrrrr. Of course, I have no idea if we would have been able to break him, or if he had friends en route already that would have saved him, but it would have been a blast trying. And a Cry Havoc carrier too – nothing personal at all, much respect for good pilots – would have been epic. Ahh well. Bit of a brown trow moment for the carrier pilot I’m guessing.

Next time! /me shakes fist and marvels over three nearly awesome fights that just didn’t happen. So is Eve. WTB bat phone

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