Banner Halp!

I need a banner and layout help with my blog! I’m tired of this thing looking all bland, but I have very little technical knowledge when it comes to even the basics of setting up a blog, much less creating a banner. When I first started, I was unsure if I’d want to stick with this, but as I’m enjoying it, the time has come to do it right. Any advice people have for how / where to get help would be much appreciated!!

Also, if anyone is a graphic designer and might be willing to design a banner for the blog, I’d be more than happy to pay them (in isk pls). Contact me in-game if you might be willing to help. Similarly, my corp, NEAT0 is looking for banner assistance for our killboard.

3 Responses to Banner Halp!

  1. mandrill says:

    Being on, you’re pretty restricted in the changes you can make without forking out for them. You can’t use custom themes for example, neither can you edit the css of existing ones. the best thing to do is to find an existing theme that you like and use that.

    As to banner images go find a font you like ( is a good place to look) and start taking screenshots in game. add one to the other in any image editing prog (GIMP or Photoshop) and bob’s you’re uncle.

    • Calderus Rex says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! I will check the font site out. And, sounds like maybe I should look at different blogging software. I noticed a lot of the other eve blogs are on different services, particularly Blogger. Maybe I’ll look at migrating to something else first if WordPress is too restrictive. Appreciate the info!! Lol @ bob’s your uncle – my uncle is actually named Bob.

  2. Mike Azariah says:

    I might recomend Shae Tian once you have someplace that does allow design.


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