To blob or not to blob, that is the question

April 13, 2010

Blah, blah, blobbing, numbers, blah. At some point, everyone blobs. Get over it. Even when you don’t blob, the losing team will still say you blobbed. If you didn’t blob, you used ewar, or some other ‘trick’ (tactic) to win. In fact, if you didn’t have a pre-arranged duel with pistols at 20 paces you must have cheated according to too many sore losers in this game.

Personally, I very much enjoy and prefer a good fight that includes the risk of losing and my death and demands real pilot skill and teamwork – but I’ll still shoot any target that presents itself. And I don’t think any FC in this game is about to tell people in his gang: ‘hey sorry guys, they only have 4 ships and we have 10, let’s draw straws and 6 of you will have to sit this one out’. Yeah, right, more like ‘fleet align, warping in 3, call and spread points on landing’. So is Eve. Frankly, I don’t mind blobs; yes they are very frustrating when you just want some fun frigate pew. But really the blobs just make me respect those pilots that can solo or fight outnumbered, like Kil2, Loren Gallen, DHB Wildcat, and all the Genos boys, that much more.

Last night we had a series of 4 near fights that illustrate the reality of ‘teh blob’ quite well. We form up a cruiser gang and head out toward the usually fun Heydelies / OMS. Not quite a suicide fleet, but definitely looking to shoot anything we have even a slight chance of an isk win against – something gank cruisers are built for. As our fleet of 7 cruisers, one BB, 2 AFs, and 3 tackle jump into Hedelies and begin warping to OMS, scouts report a Tuskers gang basically crossing us in warp headed to Fliet. Unsure of full gang comp, but mixed reports of a blackbird or a falcon and several BCs. Tuskers are a class act and usually like a good scrap. Perfect. Turn the fleet around on landing and ‘go go tackle’ back to fliet. Turns out they had both a falcon and a blackbird, as well as at least 3 BC (I think there may have been 1 more as well), a stealth bomber and a frig – we never got them all together on the field, so tough to say. Given their advantage in ewar they could probably mow us down in our low tank, easily jammed cruisers. But I think we caught them unexpectedly spread across a system or two, with their ewar out of position, so the fight goes a bit differently. Our tacklers managed to grab a harb in fliet, with a drake burning off the gate, while the rest have apparently already warped off. We go to work on the harb, moderately surprised to discover he’s a shield harb. One tackler has managed to keep point on the drake even as he burns away, so fleet bounces off a planet and warps back in on the drake. Drake’s tank is slowly going down when hostile falcon and blackbird land on grid, at range. We send tackle after the falcon, hoping to finish the drake and maybe get lucky, but, alas, falcon and BB jam our tackle and gtfo once its clear they can’t spring their friend. While we’re looting, a tusker hurricane lands, trying to head back to Heyd, but our tackle is able to jump through and grab him as well. We outnumbered them but they out-classed and out ECMed us – they probably win that if we’re all together but I think we got lucky. Was a fun, if chaotic fight, GFs exchanged – as I said, Tuskers are a class act, no whining, no bitching, just GF and move on.

We’d earlier spotted another gang in Heyd, a Gentleman’s Club gang that included some BS. Scouts now reported them near the OMS gate in Heyd, as our cruisers are landing on the same gate. They warp in on us on the gate, not sure if it was coincidence or intent. We stare at each other for a second, as I’m really hoping they aggress and take gate guns. They oblige and the fight is on. Their gang is Pest, Raven, 2x Cane, Drake, and turns out they had a proteus somwhere as well, but I don’t recall seeing him, so he may have bugged out or been a gang linked proteus in a safe. I call the cane’s primary first, guessing, correctly that they were shield / nano fit, and since they were in web range on the gate, fairly easy targets. Take one down, the other manages to burn to range, so we switch to the pest. We’re down two cruisers at this point, so bout even. Pest takes a while, but our ECM starts to really show. Every loss concentrates our BB’s jams on the remaining ships. A couple of our cruisers are able to warp away before being popped when their tackle gets jammed (no point on the pest), while we finish the pest and the cane that burned to range remains tackled by one our inty’s and dies a slow death to gate guns and drones. The raven and drake de-aggro and gtfo. The killboard is borked as Heydelies is a very busy system – many of the ships, including the Galls were not involved, although it looks after the fact like a friendly drake had joined the fight – didn’t even know till I reviewed it now. Fun fight though! If that gang had warped to range and been able to kite us more effectively they probably would have won, or at least killed many more of us. But, again, we got a bit lucky with them warping on top of us on the gate.

So we chill in Heyd a few minutes, expecting the usual Gallente response fleet; sure enough, a gall fleet of several BS and too many BCs end up chasing us up the pipe back to Tama – those blobbers, haha. While in Tama, we play with some snipers, and then spot a neutral drake in top belt that eyeballs our tackle, but doesn’t aggress or warp off. Obvious bait is obvious. But, meh, we’re on a roll and gank cruisers ftw. So we decide to engage him and see what lands. Imagine our surprise when in warps an Astarte and a Paladin. A friendly mega in system joins us and we gank all three in short order. I’m not sure what these guys were thinking, but if I had to guess, drake was clearly bait fit – all tank, with just a point, no prop mod, no dps mods – so they were baiting with the paladin and astarte in a (soon to be eliminated) deep safe, many AUs from the belt. The drake was well off the belt and they landed at 0 on him, indicating they were almost certainly together. Our tackle grabs him, we warp in, drake reports just cruisers and he calls in his buddies. By the time they land though they realize they probably don’t have enough, especially since Marauders are NOTORIOUSLY easy to jam. I’m not sure they even got a shot off. Pro tip: if you’re going to fly a marauder in PVP, (1) fit ECCM, and (2) cap boosters >> cap rechargers on anything sub-capital. O.o, shiney faction lootz too! And the loot fairy was even kind enough to drop all three faction mods. Meh, did we blob them? Yes, I guess we did, but they baited and warped into us. Yet again though, pretty class act from Defi4nt dudes, GFs in local, move on.

And now our last fight of the night. We get reports of a pirate camp in Aunenen. So we haul ass over that way with about 5 BCs and some tackle, thinking it would be a couple of dudes shooting hapless missioners. Once our scout arrives, we discover that instead of a couple, its actually 10; 3 BS, 5 BC, an Onyx and a Cyna. Too much for our 5 BCs, so we burn back to nourv, ship up to BS, adding a few dudes on the way. We now number 12: 7 BS, 4 BC and a frig scout. I’m hoping for a nice fight here, but also concerned that, it being Aunenen, the pirates will almost certainly have: (1) cloaked ECM backup, (2) logistics backup, and/or (3) carrier backup, as there is a thanny on scan in system. After BLAST felt the need to hot drop our recon / BC gang two nights ago rather than actually have a fight, I opted for a bit of BS over-kill here, anticipating their backup. We send in a bait drake that I’m pretty sure is gonna die as they have a fair amount of DPS and we’re 2 jumps out to avoid spooking them, drake jumps in, they warp onto gate to kill him, our gang jumps into neighboring high sec and warps to Aunenen gate. Bait drake decloaks and starts to go back to gate, they open up, bait points the mega, we land and jump in and the fight is on! Except the pirates all turn and run, leaving the mega to die. Gah. And then the smack starts…’nice blob!’ ‘two times our numbers’ ‘you FW noobs are terrible’, etc etc etc. I’m lmao as 12 vs 10, expecting them to have backup ready to go, so yes, we really blobbed the shit out of them. While they run their mouths in local, my cov ops drops probes, and we gank their geddon in an off-grid safe spot – just missing three others in the safe with him. Safe spots are safe, amiright? And the smack goes on, and on, and on, this time from safely inside the station. We blobbed them 12 v 10, but of course they weren’t blobbing the unsuspecting missioners, lol. Hostile Alliance, in stark contrast to The Tuskers, Gentlemen’s Club, and Defi4nt, you sirs are simply terrible. Pirate tears are so tasty; so salty and bitter, but at the same time so sweet.

Anyways, end tally for the night: 1 Marauder, 3 BS, a CS, 6 BC, and a few smaller ships killed for only 2 cruisers lost. Nearly 1.9B isk in damage, most of it the paladin, admittedly. Not a bad night!

Two other quick updates:

(1) NEAT0 is recruiting. I’m going to write-up a full post on this shortly, but, quick version: we’re US tz, small but active, tight-nit PVP corp. We mostly live in low sec Black Rise, and are currently members of the Caldari FW. We actively seek out fun fights, as hopefully you can see from our KB and reading the above and below. We greatly prefer roaming to camping, generally don’t bother with station games and high sec crap; other than that, we’re down for all kinds of PVP, fleet fights to soloing, frigates to caps. No skill point minimum or PVP experience required – just a desire to have fun shooting people and a willingness to learn. Contact me in game if you’re interested.

(2) I will be migrating this blog over to a new service, probably Blogger. Thanks for those who responded to my previous post. This will be me second to last post on this location, my last being a simple change of address. See you all soon on Blogger.


Sandboxes and Moving Vans

February 11, 2010

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy ones for me, both in game and out of game. A lot has changed for me in-game, more than I can cover in one post. I’ll try to do a quick summary.

I’ve decided to move out of the Amamake region. I’ve also decided to leave F1NAL. The last two months in this region have been some of the most fun I’ve had in Eve. When we first moved here, Amamake was the Wild West, more targets, more fights concentrated in a small area than anything I’ve ever experienced. This lasted for roughly the first month or so, which, I now realize coincided with a post-dominion traffic spike and winter holiday for uni students. The last month or so has been quite different – enormously quieter. So much so that corp gangs now salivate at the chance to gank a rifter. This has resulted in blobbing and gate / station camping in the worst way, two things which I do not particularly enjoy. As targets and good fights became more and more scarce in our local region, I found myself soloing a lot more – something I’ve honestly not done a lot until now. I’ve started to really enjoy it, and its awoken in me my old wanderlust. Bosboger / Amamake is very sequestered, and as a result not a good area for roaming – there are really only two directions to go if you’re flashy, and both are not particularly populated.

So, on to new things in new regions. Maybe the grass just looks greener, or maybe I’ll find something I enjoy more. All I know is Ama and F1NAL were great fun for a while, but ultimately not for me. Time to pack up the moving van (Obelisk) and go build a little sandcastle somewhere else in the box. A few friends and I have relocated back to our roots, Black Rise, for a bit, to catch our breath and try some new things.

My time in game is currently split between the freedom of doing whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want on my main (except the whole flashy part) – a feeling that for some reason had left me for a while – and the drudgery of hauling on my alt. I hate moving. I have now moved 3 times in 4 months. First from Black Rise to the Maila area, then to Bosboger / Amamake, and now back to Black Rise. I have accumulated roughly 50+ ships, including a half dozen battleships (wtf are all these things for?!), so my Obelisk alt is rather busy running afk courier contracts around the Eve universe, plus running friends ships around as well. Ughh, so annoying. But almost done (for now).

I’m worn down from moving, but, on the other hand, I have not been this excited to play the game in a long time. I think this is the first time I’ve truly felt the thrill of the sandbox – the freedom to do anything, the knowledge to know what’s out there, and the resources to have a shot at actually accomplishing it. This unique openness is one of the two things that sets Eve apart from other games – I would be quitting any other game right now, but Eve allows me to reinvent my character into something completely new. I just have to decide what that’s going to be.

And load up the truck.

F1NAL’s first month and my plans for the blog

January 8, 2010

Been meaning to post an overview for this blog, finally got around to writing it up. But first, a quick shout-out to my mates in F1NAL. For a little over a month now we’ve been shooting people in the face in and around Amamake, and what a month its been. F1NAL was founded in late November, just prior to the launch of Dominion (coincidental timing) by Villwrath, and a number of other pilots, leaving Beyond Divinity. We moved into our new home in Bosboger and opened for business shortly thereafter. A few highlights from our first month as a corp:

– We’ve had a ton of awesome fights – more gang pew pew than I’ve had at any point in my Eve career. Sadly, I missed our two latest brawls, a nice fight with xxDeathxx and the russian mafia (Disclaimer: our KB is not the best view, as there were many corps involved on our side – losses are split among boards) and a slug fest in Amamake today against the Minnies and Star Fraction. GFs to all!!!
– Nearly 3,400 kills and 120B isk in damage; lulz, slow December. Stats are not our goal, but some people can’t help but look at them. Jan has been even better so far, especially now that our esteemed Wolfy brosef’s have moved to the area.
– We’ve quickly grown our membership to our goal of ~100 members, about where we want to draw the line. That’s a rather large number as pirate corps go, but this allows us to have good coverage across most of the day, not just one of the two big EU/US tz (AU/JPN/late US is always tough), and frankly I do not view us as a pirate corp, but as a PVP corp that happens to prefer low sec to 0.0. Pirates are dirty and smelly and poor. Most of us are just dirty and smelly.
– Our hard work is appreciated by our neighbors. 🙂

So, with that out of the way, back to my original plan. The theme for this blog is PVP – small gangs, soloing, large gang fights, 0.0 roaming and hunting low sec. Due to sec status issues, high sec pvp will be…errr…limited (o hai thar afk hulky), and probably not much large scale 0.0 sov warfare – been there, done that some and simply prefer the <100 stuff.

My posts will be a mix of stories and battle reports, PVP tactics and advice, and general Eve commentary. I plan to keep 80%+ of my posts PVP focused, even though I do actually enjoy many other aspects of the game – exploration, industry, trading being a few. Pew pew costs money yo! But, imo there are already some great blogs out there that focus on these topics.

My goals for the blog are:
1) Increase the general Eve population's understanding and interest in PVP. I only got serious about PVPing in Eve about 15 or so months ago, and, while my understanding and skills have grown enormously, I'd hardly consider myself an expert. That said, I think there the more people see different PVP styles, options, engagements, etc, the more willing they will be to try new things out. I want everyone to enjoy PVP as much as I do – the rush of a good fight is the best part Eve. So I thought I would add my meager perspectives to the mix.
2) Improve my own abilities in game, as both a PVPer and an FC. As I said, I don't consider myself and expert PVPer, much less strong FC, but I want to learn more. I find that writing up engagements and thinking the fight through after the fact helps me learn what worked, what didn't, and what I can do better.
3) Learn to blog and write a bit for an audience. This is my first blog really, and my first attempt to write for an audience for entertainment value – I know I have a lot to learn. I'm really not very technically savvy on html or web related stuff but would like to be more knowledgeable, so this is sortof a side project for me to learn more.

On that note, I want to do few things to improve this blog:
– I need a banner and/or surrounding artwork, but I have no idea how to do this stuff. I keep toying with the wordpress pre-built layouts; haven't found one I really like yet.
– Suggestions on how I can make my writing and be more interesting are greatly appreciated as well. First and foremost, gotta write shorter posts.
– Need to get the blogroll expanded for some linky love.
– Leave me a comment! Just so I know its fookin workin. I'm a nub when it comes to this stuff.

Cheers all, fly wreckless!!

Changing Corps

December 8, 2009

The time has come for me to change corporations. My time with Beyond Divinity has been a blast. I’ve learned a lot flying with some of the finest pilots in EVE and wish them all the best.

The highlight of my time in BYDI was, without a doubt, Alliance Tournament 7. BYDI created an alliance, Beyond Virginity, just to enter the tournament. Our little corp of <100 pilots against all the big bad alliances in game, lol. Thanks to a lot of hard work, planning, leadership, and practice we took third place – pretty darn good for first timers. I had only recently joined the corp at the time so could offer little beyond moral support, but was very proud of my corp mates. I don't know what was better, listening to the announcers giggle every time they had to say 'Beyond Virginity' or laughing at the people who thought we had no chance because we're not a 0.0 alliance. Guys, small gang pvp is all we do, every day. And we do it flashy, so anyone can shoot us and gate guns are a constant issue. Are we the best? Of course not, but on an even playing field we will hold our own against anyone.

My reasons for leaving are fairly simple. Unfortunately there has been quite a bit of corp drama lately, which I will not get into here as it has little to do with me directly. The result, though, is a considerable number of pilots opted to leave the corp – including the vast majority of the US tz pilots. Since I primarily fly late US tz, this leaves the corp practically deserted during my time online, plus these are the guys I fly with every day and I'm sad to see them go, so, I've decided to follow them in forming a new corp, Final Agony.

Much ❤ for the BYDI peeps, I have no doubt you guys will carry on kicking ass. I look forward to flying with you, or against you, in the future – imho, the only thing more fun than flying with friends is shooting them. 😀

But, on to new things – F1NAL has setup shot in Bosboger for the time being. Personally, I’ve spent most of my time in EVE in the Black Rise area or in 0.0, so the Minmatar space is pretty new to me. Spent the last 36 hours moving from Maila down to my new home (130+ jumps with my freighter alt lol). Finally got out for some pew last night, and now I see why people love the Amamake area. I will cover the fights in another post later, but 23 kills in a night is a good start – and I missed the first half the night and spent part of my time in a guardian (my buddy Grom pulled 39 yesterday, meh, whore :)).